Why Choose the ADR Roundtable to Resolve Commercial and Business Disputes?

Members of the ADR Roundtable are leading practitioners of commercial and business dispute resolution in the Puget Sound area, highly respected by their peers in their areas of emphasis. They share a commitment to the highest professional standards and to serving as neutrals – arbitrators, mediators and evaluators – to foster the creative, sensible and early resolution of commercial and business disputes. Many Roundtable members retain an active law practice in the resolution of commercial and business disputes; all are experienced and in touch with the realities of business practice and commerce, whether through their law practice or their work as an ADR neutral.

Many Roundtable members are members of nationally recognized mediation and arbitration panels, such as those of the American Arbitration Association, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, and local mediation and arbitration panels, such as the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington’s Rule 39.1 ADR panel and the King County Superior Court mandatory arbitration program. Many are also leaders in national, state and local professional associations for the advancement of mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Roundtable members provide ADR services through organizations with which they are affiliated as well as privately. When privately retained, Roundtable members commit to providing their services without any administrative fee. Members are flexible on procedures and timing.

For more information about the ADR Roundtable, contact any member or the Roundtable Chair.